Management’s view & scope:-

As we all know, purchasing a house in good locality of Delhi has become more of a distant dream not only because of high cost but more so ever in view that no land is available with DDA for allotment to Group Housing Societies as done earlier in Pratapganj, Rohini and Dwarka.

The opportunity has now come by way of DDA’s land Pooling Policy (LPP) approved as the Master Plan of 2021 where the Govt. has announced to development Delhi into a “Global City” with setting up 3 “Smart Cities” to decongest the National Capital Region and facilitate it with modern amenities where the “Smart Cities will be established adjacent to Dwarka. As per Land Pooling Policy, no construction on rest of Delhi land can be done until it comes under LPP, modalities for which are being worked out and is expected to be finalized in few months.

We through “ Phenomenal Projects (P) Limited” with the projects under the name of “NG TOWN” have entered into an agreement of going into the Land pooling with a target of procuring 20 acres with NRI CITY Builders Pvt. Ltd. Who are with the aim of bringing a township of 300 acres in the name of “NRI CITY” along with “New Gymkhana Club- a landmark in the society” in the area under Land Pooling Policy.

The Company has planned to provide the members an elite neighborhood and an assurance of integrity, credibility and responsibility through its work and commitments. At NG Town we shall provide high quality affordable dwelling units with green technology for living in a secured and clean environment. It is not only the house or flats that we wish to provide but a true home and homely atmosphere for all the members with the vision of the society of a close cohesive ambience with a view to foster brotherhood and fraternity among all members.

Phenomenal Projects (P) Limited aims to facilitate acquisition of agricultural land in this area, which will then undertake construction of a Group Housing project once the gross land is returned by DDA after development in lieu of the agricultural land pooled as per the Government Notification SO 2687 of 5th September 2013 and all the requisite approvals from the Governmental authorities have been obtained. The land is supposed to be allotted within the L-Zone within the radius of 5 kilometers for the housing project. The Govt. is likely to come up with detailed regulations very soon, based on which the approval for commencing construction will take place. As a result the financial outflow will be staggered over the period and in the mean time the value of the land would also appreciate as the time passes by, hence the most beneficial groups would be the early subscribers to the scheme. As the present land cost is expected to increase substantially in the coming months compared to the cost currently being charged. If we go by the history of Dwarka since its development, in every 7 to 10 years the price of the flats in the area would be around 20,000.00 per sq. ft. by the time of completion of our project.

Looking forward for the best of your response and continual growth of our mutually benefited relationship.

Best wishes & Regards

S.Kr. Singh (M.D)